Why Pet Lovers Need Dog First Aid Kits

Responsible pet owners will seek out veterinary care as they should. However, most practitioners don’t have a clue what causes our dog’s health disorders. They only know what to prescribe to STOP the SYMPTOMS! You CAN learn what it takes to keep your pets in the best health possible!

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dog first aid kit

There is a well-known saying that “Curiosity killed the cat.” But dogs are no better since they are extremely inquisitive and are often in the habit of going places and getting into stuff that they shouldn’t. Despite the fact that this doesn’t always end badly, they in some cases do end up harming themselves in one way or another so it’s a smart move to be aware of some dog first aid as well as well obtaining some dog first aid kits.

Somewhere around the time my Lhasa Apso was three or four months old she managed to discover a previously unknown patch of burrs in the backyard and spent time playing there for awhile. When she came back inside the house the burrs had worked their way firmly into areas on her face, her ears and her little fluffy behind.

It was evening so the Vet was closed and a visit to the animal hospital would have been extremely expensive. So she had to put up with my tearful yet laughing attempts as I was able to one by one wiggle those burrs out of her hair as she struggled and yelped for at least two hours. They were matted so seriously and close up to the skin that cutting them out was not a possibility.

A tranquilizer of some sort would have been nice to have but I didn’t have anything at all for her. Because there was no blood or severe injury, going to the emergency hospital was an alternative … that time.

That is a heart breaking yet amusing story to describe and hopefully an experience she has long forgotten through the years. It was also a minor thing although painful and challenging for both of us. But it might have been worse.

As a conscientious pet owner you will need to know at least basic first aid for dogs so you can be prepared for more critical emergencies and know how to use the dog first aid kits. You can often save on Vet expenses for smaller problems like the one I had. But you could possibly need to be able to help relieve your canine’s pain or perform life-saving actions until you can see the Vet.

Taking Action and Knowing How to Use Your Dog First Aid Kits

Having dog first aid kits is positively a smart move but you also have to know the proper actions to take in a life-threatening emergency. Be sure to keep phone numbers on hand for both your regular Vet as well as the nearest emergency animal hospital. And be sure to learn basic canine first aid for yourself.

I’ve never had to provide life-saving medical actions for my dog and maybe you haven’t needed to either. But would you know what on earth to do if faced with a life-threatening situation that involved your dog?


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