Tips on How to Crate Train an American Pit Bull Dog

If you have ever wondered how to crate train an American Pit Bull Dog, you are not alone. Each year, countless pet owners throughout the country learn to reduce their pets’ destructive behavior, anxiety, and barking by crate training them.

Crate training can also be a useful tool while house breaking a new puppy and it can help prevent your dogs from sleeping in places you would rather they didn’t, such as your bed or the sofa.

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How to Crate Train an American Pit Bull Dog

An American Pit Bull Dog’s Den

Some people worry that crate training an American Pit Bull Dog is inhumane. The truth is that the majority of dogs love their crate. If your pooch were living in the wild, they would find a safe place to use as their den.

They would generally choose a small space, and one that kept them warm and safe from danger. Crates function as an American Pit Bull Dog’s den. They provide the dog with a safe, warm place that is theirs and theirs alone. Dogs who have constant access to large, open spaces, (such as your home and/or yard), without a den of their own are often anxious and will try to control the entire area.

How to Crate Train an American Pit Bull Dog

The best time to begin crate training your dog is while they are still a puppy. An adult dog who has never been crate trained before will likely have a more challenging time adapting to the small area and they may become anxious.

A puppy may be a little bit upset by crate training at first but they will adapt much faster.  Of course, if your puppy was never allowed to sleep in your bed, then they don’t realize that there is anything to even be upset about.

During the day, it’s best to put the crate in a room where the majority of people in your household are going to be. For some people, that means the living room, TV room, or family room; for others, it may mean the kitchen or a workshop. During the night, it helps to place the crate inside your bedroom in order for your dog to sense your presence nearby.

After a few weeks or training, you will be able to leave the crate in one place, but in the beginning of your training, it helps the keep the crate close to where you are the majority of the time in order to help your pooch feel safe and calm.

Whenever you put the puppy into the crate, make certain the crate is clean and that they have water and a toy. The crate needs to be just large enough for your pet to sleep in, without providing them enough room to walk around. If they are able to walk around, they may go potty in the crate because they can distance themselves from it.

If your pooch is able to turn around in their crate, then they will eventually be comfortable. If you purchase a large crate in anticipation of your dog’s size once they are full grown, it is important that you block off part of the crate so that it fits your puppy appropriately during your crate training.

When you begin crate training an American Pit Bull Dog, try not to leave them in the crate for more than one or two hours at a time. Gradually increase the amount of time they are left in the crate until it matches up with the duration they will be expected to spend in it later, (typically 8 hours). Learning how to crate train an American Pit Bull Dog is important for their health as well as your sanity.


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