Simple Effective Shiloh Shepherd Training Tips

Shiloh Shepherds are as all dogs are, pack oriented dog. They love being among other dogs and have quite a fondness for their human companions. These dogs can be quite large (weighing 100 lbs or so) and as such they really need to be trained. It’s especially important to train them not to jump on people or bound into them. Which because they love people so much they “will” certainly do without proper training.

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shiloh shepherd training

Most of the time you can train your dogs and puppies on your own with little problems or issues. However, there are times when it helps to have a professional dog trainer guide your steps. Over the years I have used several training methods.

Shiloh Shepherd training for both dogs and puppies should be done where there is little room for potential distractions. This might consist of moving other household pets and maybe even people. Begin your Shiloh Shepherd training with doggy snacks. Let your dog see the snack and then, with a gentle encouraging tone you can begin your training sessions.

It’s best to start with one particular command word at one time to prevent the dog and especially puppies from getting confused. Once your dog fullfills the command, give it the dog snack and verbal compliments as well. You may need to assist in producing the end result. Never force any command or you will frustrate your puppy.

One of the first commands which should be taught is  to “come” in order to train your pooch to come to you when you call it. Once your puppy/dog has successfully learned to accomplish the command word, compensate it with a doggy treat as well as encouragement. Eventually, the dog treat may be replaced by verbal and physical rewards such as a petting or tossing a ball.

More Help With Shiloh Shepherd Training

You will find many dog training tips online to help you with your Shiloh Shepherd training your canine companions. There are many different articles on this site regarding different dog issues you can read over such as how to get a dog to stop barking. The key is to select a training method that has proven to be successful among other dog owners, not just dog trainers or breeders.  Here’s a few things you want to pay attention to while raising a new puppy and even things you’ll want to learn about should you need to retrain your dog that has already established some bad dog behavior.

Dog and puppies will learn permanent behavior patterns after just one incident. Learn how to get your dog to stop pulling on the leash. There is a very simple yet amazing little “magic trick” to completely stop your dog from pulling on lead. Use this trick and you’ll soon have a dog on a slack leash, no matter how fast you walk or which direction you turn. Teach your dogs not to jump or maul your visitors. No muddy paws or claw marks on clothes or even your car.



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