Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund dog training was actually first developed in Germany in the early twentieth century in an effort to check if different German Shepherd dogs were suitable for use as a police dog. Instead of trying to determine if a dog would be an effective police dog simply based on their appearance, Schutzhund training helped trainers find the ideal dogs for the job. Nowadays, numerous breeds are allowed to take part in Schutzhund training, however few dogs actually pass.

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Schutzhund Dog Training

Fundamentals of Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund training is an extremely rigorous, very organized approach to dog training which has been developed during the past 100 years. It is now significantly less abusive to the dogs when compared with when it began, but is nonetheless equally rigorous, in order to thoroughly assess each animal. Up until recently, a lot of Schutzhund training was done according to several guides and structured classes, but now you can find videos and DVDs which can help even novice dog owners begin the Schutzhund training process.

The training was initially designed in order to test dogs for various distinct behaviors which are best for police work, like retrieving, protection, sniffing, and tracking. The majority of Schutzhund dog training starts once a puppy is just 3-4 weeks old and may last for several weeks or months to ensure the dog is actually appropriate for the profession.

The Heart and Soul of Schutzhund

There are numerous facets to Schutzhund training. Different courses and programs may utilize slightly different dog training techniques, but most Schutzhund dog training will focus on the following:

Clicker Training – Not every Schutzhund trainer uses clickers, but it’s regarded by most as the most effective technique with German Shepherd dogs and other breeds best suited for Schutzhund dog training. Clicker training will generally be started when the puppy is about 10 weeks old.

Obedience – Standard dog obedience training is usually the very first test in Schutzhund training. Most systems use 11 standard obedience commands such as heeling, heel positioning, retrieving, front, targeting, jumping, pointing out of an object, sit down and stand, motion exercises, focus and attention, and “go out.”  For a dog to complete Schutzhund dog training, they need to master all 11 obedience training points.

Tracking – Dogs are trained to track various items such as bombs, cadavers, and drugs.  The “targeting” and “pointing out of an object” commands are used in Schutzhund training to train a dog to identify the unique scent of the target and to track it until they are called off.

Protection – If the dog is being trained as a police, guard, or attack dog, they are also generally trained to protect. They may be trained to protect a certain person, object, or place or they can also be trained using distinct commands to identify and attack threats.

The objective of Schutzhund dog training should be to supply the dog with advanced, precise skills to help them perform the tasks required of them efficiently and quickly. In many official Schutzhund training programs, 20% or less of dogs are able to complete the training.  If you are interested in Schutzhund dog training, there are at-home programs available to help guide you through the process.


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