Natural Remedy for Dog Fleas


You’ll find the simple method below. However, you may want to also consider protecting your pets from fleas and ticks before they dig in and create serious problems.

The simple way will get rid of the current batch of fleas snacking on your dog. Use a mild liquid soap, rinse and repeat. See, simple. However…

Getting rid of dog fleas requires a diligent, systematic approach. The natural remedy for dog fleas is ok for super sensitive dogs or dogs that are not going to be getting infested with fleas in their own homes and neighborhoods.

natural remedy for dog fleas

The Natural Remedy for Dog Fleas is Not Always the Best Way

In addition to Frontline, there is also another type, Merial Frontline Plus flea control for dogs as well as safe flea control for puppies may be the only one I trust when it comes to grooming my dogs. The natural remedy for dog fleas is certainly an option, but remember, there is a risk of not just fleas infecting your pets, but ticks too.

Frontline is extremely effective and it is reasonably priced so I don’t have any reason to go try out other brands. My dogs are very playful plus they love playing with each other outside within the garden, so I figured they require protection from possible contact from fleas and ticks as much as possible.

The Natural Remedy for Dog Fleas Won’t Prevent Ticks From Digging In!Try Flea Control for Puppies Online

There are many ways to kill or get rid of fleas that love our cats and dogs. Home (indoors and outdoors) and pets must be treated simultaneously. You will find synthetic chemical approaches as well as chemicals that are considered natural, but no one technique is totally effective. A combination of different methods is needed to eliminate dog fleas.

Dog fleas are found within the bottom mesh in carpeting, pet bedding, under furniture or perhaps in dark crevices where they shed twice before maturing. Here they grow undetected enroute to pupae (life stages of fleas undergoing transformation). In cocoon stage, fleas are invulnerable to insecticide and freezing temperatures; emerging only requires warmth and a host. That is why they reappear whenever you think you solved the problem.

Ways to get rid of dog fleas depends on the person situation.

You will not eliminate dog fleas by simply sprinkling flea powder on your dog. Thoroughly vacuuming the home and placing a flea collar on your pet will not do the job of having gone dog, cat and animal fleas.

Getting rid of dog fleas requires a diligent, systematic approach. (WikiPedia Flea Description)

Flea collars work moderately well however these collars have harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, particularly if improperly used or mixed with other toxic agents.

Cedar repels many insects including fleas. Cedar shampoo, cedar oil and cedar-filled beds can be found.

Topical treatments can be effective. Several carefully placed drops, based on the canine’s size and weight, about the skin between the neck keeps your dog from ingesting it, but allows the application to interact with skin oils.

The vet can prescribe oral medications that render the larvae feeding from the host not able to reproduce, which ends the life span cycle.

Flea shampoos and dip baths are the main combinations utilized in getting rid of dog fleas. “Dips” usually sting when put on open irritations. Some dogs are bothered more by the use of pesticides than they are by fleas. Flea collars, sprays, powders, and shampoos are loaded with pesticides. Spraying or dipping having a residual pesticide to rid your dog of fleas has little or no lasting effect. Flea shampoos often only help in eliminating fleas from your dog’s fur. Look for a shampoo that KILLS the fleas while shampooing your dog; otherwise, if live fleas are in the bath water they can re-infest your pet having a simple splash.

A gentler approach would be to wash the dog having a brand name dishwashing liquid. The less caustic chemicals will kill fleas on contact and act as repellent.

Foggers or “bombs” you discover at your local stores can be used to rid the house of fleas. Foggers are considered safe, but these products are toxic and really should be utilized for a final resort. They don’t effectively reach under furniture; are commonly activated in the heart of an area, missing outlying areas. And foggers require everyone to vacate not less than 4-6 hours.

A sensible choice to eliminate dog fleas is hire an exterminator who uses non-toxic products to fog or spray the carpets and furniture. These companies usually guarantee a flea-free home for one year.

After treatment, put the cut-off end of the flea collar or moth balls/crystals in your vacuum cleaner bag to kill any vacuumed fleas. Vacuum floors, carpets, furniture and pet bedding more regularly. Place towels wherever your pets lie and wash those towels weekly in serious trouble.

Vacuum the dog if it allows you. Groom the dog daily with a flea comb that you dip in water with liquid dish soap. Don’t be surprised should you occasionally find a flea on the dog. It comes down externally. You can’t eliminate dog fleas, you simply control them. If your pet is outdoors a lot, you may also have to treat regions of the yard. To find out if the yard is infested, walk around it wearing white athletic socks pulled to the knee. If fleas are around they will be visible on the white socks. It’s seldom necessary to treat areas exposed to full sun. Concentrate on where your dog rests and plays, under decks, along fences and near the foundation.

Diatomaceous Earth is natural, ecologically safe and non-poisonous to man and animal.

DE represents permanently to rid fleas from our dogs and pets and protect them against infestation. If you’ve eaten anything made with flour, you’ve eaten DE. It’s utilized in commercial grain storage as natural, poison-free insect control. When lightly rubbed into your pet’s coat, DE is effective against fleas, ticks, lice, along with other pests. It is also an organic wormer and kills worms or parasites the pets might have.

In considering all these things, remember, the natural remedy for dog fleas is good for some situations, but protecting your loving furry friends sometimes means you can’t always use a natural remedy for dog fleas.


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