How to Stop an American Pit Bull Puppy from Chewing

If you want to stop an American Pit Bull Puppy chewing, you first need to understand that, for a puppy, chewing is totally natural and should be an expected behavior.  Whether they’re teething or just bored, puppies are going to chew on stuff.

Although it is next to impossible to stop puppy chewing, you can redirect it.  You just need to ensure that they have enough appropriate toys and treats or their own to chew to keep them away from your toys and treats, (and shoes, sofa, carpet, etc).

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stop an American Pit Bull Puppy chewing

Why You Should Stop an American Pit Bull Puppy From Chewing

Most people make one of two choices with their puppy in regards to chewing. They either:

1. Let the puppy keep chewing because hey, it’s only natural, right?  or they

2. Yell at, hit, or otherwise punish the puppy for chewing in the hopes that they’ll be able to stop the behavior.

The real solution to stop an American Pit Bull Puppy chewing is somewhere in between – recognizing that puppy chewing problems are natural but that you can dissuade them.

How to Stop an American Pit Bull Puppy Chewing

First of all, don’t ever yell at your puppy, spank them, or hit them.  Regardless of how irritated you are with your pup, hitting them can cause a lot more damage than good – both to your puppy’s health and to your relationship with your new pet.  Yelling, spanking, or otherwise hitting your dog confuses them, and they likely wouldn’t even understand what they did wrong, so it doesn’t change their behavior either.

Rather than attempting to stop a an American Pit Bull Puppy from nibbling on your things, train it to chew on appropriate items instead.  If you catch your pup nibbling on your shoe, grab one of the dog’s toys, give it to the pup instead, and then praise your dog any time it chews on its own, appropriate toy. In this way, you can show your pup that the new object is ok to chew on, and your shoe is not.

Entertainment – A lot of times, an American Pit Bull Puppies will chew on things because they are bored and trying to explore the world around them.  Ensure that your Pit Bull pup is getting lots of exercise and that you’re playing with it as much as possible.

And if you know you’re not going to be home for a while, (while you’re at work for example), make sure you puppy has some stimulating and challenging toys available to help keep them active and entertained

Aversion Sprays – If the above techniques don’t help, you may want to consider a humane spray such as Cayenne Pepper or Bitter Apple to help stop puppy chewing.  Most spray will not damage your possessions, but they do make your stuff a lot less appealing to your pup.  Once they have tried to chew an item that has been spray with an aversion spray, they will quickly learn to avoid it.

Whether you use one or a combination of the above techniques, the key to your success is that everyone in your household is consistent.  Make sure every family member is on board with your plan to stop Pit Bull Puppy chewing and that they stick with it.

If one person in your home lets your pup chew on their socks, you puppy will think it’s ok to chew on all socks. Be consistent and your puppy chewing problems will be a thing of the past.


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