How to Stop American Pit Bull Puppy Biting

American Pit Bull Puppies are possibly the cutest thing in the entire world, but unfortunately many people have a hard time figuring out how to stop American Pit Bull puppy biting.  Some Pit Bull dog owners don’t see the need to stop their puppy from biting because they see it as natural.

Yes, puppy biting is natural, but if it is not stopped, it may lead to aggression and dominance issues once the dog is an adult.   So regardless of how adorable your new American Pit Bull puppy is, the time to stop puppy biting is now.

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Pit Bull puppy biting

Believe it or not, the majority of Pit Bull puppies discover when they need to stop biting while they’re quite young.  In a litter of more than one pup, each puppy quickly learns that when they bite, (in this case their brothers and sisters), they get bitten right back.

Once a puppy is about 8 weeks old, it ought to know not to bite already. But sometimes young puppies don’t get a full 8 weeks with their mother and siblings before they are taken away from the litter, in which case they may not have learned not to bite.

If your new puppy is younger than two months old or it didn’t learn not to bite before you brought it home, it is extremely important to respond quickly in order to stop puppy biting.

The Basics to Stop American Pit Bull Puppy Biting

Do not hit of spank the American Pit Bull puppy if it bites. Your Pit Bull puppy will likely not understand why it is being spanked and it is likely to become afraid of you. It may even develop anxiety issues which can lead to other behavioral problems including aggression.

The key to stop your American Pit Bull puppy from biting is to encourage positive behaviors while discouraging negative behaviors like biting.  Make sure you’re not doing anything to encourage the biting.

Often people will play tug-of-war or wrestling games with their new puppies but these types of activities will only encourage the puppy’s natural instinct to bite. Consistency is extremely important while conducting any type of training with your Pit Bull puppy. Come up with a plan that everyone in your home can agree upon and stick to in order to ensure you’re all being consistent with the new pup.

Training to Stop American Pit Bull Puppy from Biting

Redirection does wonders. If your American Pit Bull puppy bites you, say, “No!” without hitting them and without yelling. Then give them something they can bite and chew on – such as a dog toy or dog treat. Then praise them when they chew on the appropriate object. They will learn fairly quickly what IS ok to chew on and bite and what is not.

Rather than saying, “No!” a whelping noise also works very well. A whelp or whimpering noise will duplicate the reaction your dog would have gotten if it bit one of its siblings. The idea is to surprise the puppy and to let them know that biting hurts.

Training a puppy to stop biting should be one of the main parts of the puppy’s relocation into your home. If possible, by the time they are two-and-a-half months old, the puppy should know that biting is not okay.

Learning to stop puppy biting the appropriate way will save you a lot of headaches in the future, and it will help ensure that your relationship with your American Pit Bull puppy is a positive one.

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