How to Stop American Pit Bull Dog Scratching

If you have an American Pit Bull dog that bites at or scratches their skin frequently, it’s important to stop dogs scratching quickly.  Whether your American Pit Bull dog scratches because of fleas, anxiety, or a food allergy, they can cause a variety of serious, long-term health problems such as infections, hot spots, and other skin problems.

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American Pit Bull Dog Scratching

Reasons an American Pit Bull Dog Scratches

Infection – if your American Pit Bull dog’s fur is patchy, or they have sores or swelling, they may have an infection.  Infections may be caused by yeast, bacteria, or a fungus.

Emotional – excessive chewing or licking may be indication of an emotional issue. Especially if you have a very intelligent dog, they may just be bored from lack of mental stimulation or lack of exercise.  Some dogs are also prone to separation anxiety and may scratch when their owners leave the home.

Allergies – if your dog is allergic to something in their environment, it can make their skin very itchy, which then can lead to scratching.  Some dogs are allergic to fleas, plants, dust, and even ingredients in dog food.

Nutrition – dog who don’t receive a proper balance of nutrients may develop dry skin, sores, eczema, or other skin issues with can lead to dryness and itching.

Environmental – exposure to water may cause scratching as well.  Dogs are likely to scratch after swimming, bathing, or other activities in which they come into contact with water.

Parasites – most parasites and many insects can cause itching, including fleas, ticks, gnats, flies, mites.

Consult your Veterinarian

Perhaps the best and certainly the easiest way, to determine the cause of your pooch’s scratching is bringing your American Pit Bull dog into the vet for a thorough exam. Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics if you dog has an infection.  Your pup may need an antifungal or other cream as well. Antihistamines, sometimes administered as a shot or as a pill, may help relieve allergies or you may need to make a change in your pet’s environment or diet.  Parasites can generally be treated with medication or proper hygiene including brushing and flea baths.

Emotional Scratching

Also called neurogenic, emotional issues are often the hardest to pinpoint and stop when it comes to dog scratching problems.  The first step is to determine why the American Pit Bull dog is experiencing emotional distress.

Is your pooch getting enough exercise?  And are they also intellectually stimulated?  Is someone spending time with your dog every day and engaging them in activities that not only give them body a workout, but their brain as well?  If not, that is a great place to start when you want to stop dog scratching.  Boredom is one of the top causes for this and other behavioral problems.

If your dog is receiving proper mental and physical stimulation, you may need to spray their frequent scratching, biting, and licking spots with a bitter apple aversion spray, (usually available in most pet stores).  Alternatively, you can try putting cayenne pepper on your dog’s favorite spots to try to dissuade the behavior.

Observing your American Pit Bull dog and making a note of when they start scratching may also be very helpful in determining the cause and best course of action to stop dog scratching. Read also: How to Stop American Pit Bull Dog Barking


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