How to Stop American Pit Bull Dog Barking

If you have made the decision that it is time to stop barking American Pit Bull Dogs, you probably already realize that you are undertaking a potentially difficult task. Of course, barking is a huge part of a American Pit Bull Dog’s nature.

Despite the refinement and breeding of canines during the last few thousand years, Bull Dogs still retain their urgent need to vocalize their emotions and needs. The truth is, right now there is just one kind of American Pit Bull Dog that doesn’t bark, the Basenji, which was first found Egypt.

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American Pit Bull Dog Barking

Before you are able to stop barking American Bull Dogs, you must understand precisely why they bark in the first place.

What causes American Pit Bull Dog Barking?

American Pit Bull Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. They bark if they’re angry. They bark when they’re excited. They even bark if they’re frightened. Here are some of the times when your Bull Dog may start barking:

* To make other American Pit Bull Dogs, pets, and people aware of its territory

* To “sound the alarm” that something is amiss

* To get your attention

* To greet you or others

* To express their frustration

* Because they are injured or sick

* Because barking is a compulsion

As you can tell, barking can be a major part of your Pit Bull Dog’s personality and how they respond to their environment. You will never stop barking American Pit Bull Dogs entirely. They are going to need to communicate with you and other pets and people, no matter what you try to do to prevent their barking behavior.

Tips on how to Stop Barking American Pit Bull Dogs

Although you can’t prevent all barking, you can certainly do things to minimize it.  Whenever your American Pit Bull Dog won’t stop barking, determine whether their behavior is justified. Ninety percent of the time, it is just excessive barking and may be controllable.

When your American Pit Bull Dog barks excessively, ask yourself:

When does my American Pit Bull Dog bark most often?Is there something specific the American Pit Bull Dog is barking at?What triggered the American Pit Bull Dog’s barking?

If your American Pit Bull Dog is barking simply because it is trying to protect their territory or if it is just sounding the alarm about something, you can’t just shout at the Dog to get it to stop. The truth is that negative reinforcement with regard to territorial barking could result in your American Bull Dog biting or showing other forms of aggression.

When you just yell at your American Pit Bull Dog, they don’t understand what you are mad about or attempting to tell them. They may very well stop the barking, however their territorial issues remain.

Rather than yelling at your American Pit Bull Dog, you have to create an environment in which the Dog is not going to feel the territorial need to protect itself. Start by taking back control of the household. You need to become the alpha American Pit Bull Dog of your family and help the Bull Dog understand that you’re the one responsible for guarding that space.

Next, you need to decrease your pet’s ability to notice perceived threats to the household. Draw your window blinds so the Dog can’t see the delivery person, and get a fence that the Dog cannot see through so that they won’t see each approaching car, person, and animal as a threat.

Anxiety and Barking American Pit Bull Dogs

If your pooch has anxiety issues, their barking is probably an indicator of a larger issue. They may be nervous while you are gone and bark until you return. Most likely you have unintentionally rewarded them for that exact behavior in the past.

If you come back home and your American Pit Bull Dog is excited, many people give the Dog attention immediately. Instead of rewarding them for their excited, anxious behavior, you need to ignore the American Pit Bull Dog for 10-15 minutes so that they can stop associating the attention they receive with your return home.

Proper American Pit Bull Dog training goes a long way to stop barking American Pit Bull Dogs are well.  You can train your American Pit Bull Dog to bark at appropriate times, (such as if someone is trying to break into your home), and they will be less likely to bark inappropriately.


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