How to Potty Training Fox Terriers

Potty training doesn’t need to be time consuming or difficult.  Learning to understand how your Fox Terrier communicates coupled with some easy-to-do potty training techniques will put you well ahead of the pack and have your pooch going potty in an appropriate place in no time.

Fox Terriers – Basic Potty Training Techniques:The Crate Method

fox terrier potty training

The important thing to consider when using the crate method is to get the correct size crate for your pup.  Ask for the assistance of the pet shop staff if you have any difficulty selecting an appropriate sized crate.  If you buy a large crate with anticipation of your pooch’s full-grown size, be sure to block off part of the crate while your Fox Terrier is still a puppy so that it is the right size during your toilet training.

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All dogs are naturally den animals which means they prefer to have a small, dry, safe place of their own to sleep.  And once a Fox Terrier understands that the crate is their space, they will automatically do their best to keep it potty free.  This makes crate training a very natural solution for potty training puppies.

Keep in mind that your puppy’s body isn’t fully developed yet.  They can’t “hold it” as long as adult Fox Terriers.  Generally speaking, your puppy will likely need to be “taken out” to go potty about every 2 hours or so, and especially right after eating, before bed, and first thing in the morning.  Don’t worry!  As your puppy’s body develops, they will be able to wait for longer periods of time before they need to go out to potty.

The Paper Method

Paper or puppy pads are another way you can potty train your pet.  Place the paper or pads in the location you would like your pooch to use to go potty and take them to that location whenever you sense they are about to go, and especially after meals.  They should catch on very quickly.  Once they do, you can start moving the paper or pads toward the door and eventually outside.  Use positive reinforcement whenever your pet goes potty in the correct location.

Potty training takes a bit of patience, but with a firm understanding of your pet’s communication style and how to train them, you’ll be able to train them rather effortlessly.

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