How To Get rid of Ticks on Your Dog

Taking care of your dogs includes a daily check for fleas and ticks. Sometimes even when we do our best to protect them the ticks and fleas still find their way on their bodies. A really good protection against them digging in and reeking havoc on their immune systems is to get Frontline Flea and Tick protective solution.

dog ticks

A walk within the forest is a great activity for you as well as your special dog. When you get return it’s important to check over your dogs body to see if it has acquired any ticks or other problematic issues.

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Problems from Ticks on Dogs

Ticks feed on the actual bloodstream associated with humans and creatures and that includes ticks on dogs. They engorge themselves on the blood of their host to several times their original size. When you discover a tick on your dog you’ll want to properly remove it.

It is necessary for the comfort of the animal and also to prevent potential illnesses transported by the tick. These diseases include devastating Lyme illness that is usually carried by the more compact deer tick.

There are lots of misconceptions about how to remove ticks on dogs in addition to humans. Most common are utilizing some thing to irritate the actual tick to have it disengage itself from the hosts. The type of irritants are burning up a match or smoke, petroleum jelly or alcoholic beverages.

Not one of these actually works. They might even end up with the actual tick adding more saliva in the attachment area and or the entire tick is not removed. Many times the ticks head remains inside the host, which is also a problem.

To remove a mark you’ll need the fine- expected set of tweezers. Dog stores do sell uniquely created removal instruments however tweezers will do fine. The goal will be able to gently take hold of the entire body of the tick without squeezing down so hard as to smash it.

Take your time and pull on the tick evenly and gently so as to not lose the head inside the host. Do not twist or yank on it as you pull it out. You may wish to have someone else present who can heal keep the dog relaxed and still.

You don’t want to leave the any parts attached to the dog or  crush it. This is also the reason why it is recommended to put on mitts when trying to get rid of ticks on dogs.

For the long term prevention of infestations on your canine, it is recommended by veterinarians to use a flea and tick prevention solutions such as Frontline. It will destroy ticks which have already dug in and stop new ones from attaching. There are three different types of Frontline in addition to address the ticks on dogs problems.

When the tick is removed, apply rubbing alcoholic to the area around where the tick was attached so as to sterolize the area and keep it from spreading any bacteria or getting infected. The area may take some time to heal. Give it some time and keep it clean while it heals.

Periodically, you will need to totally check the dog for additional ticks and other things like small burs or ear wigs.


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