House Training Advice When Catching Your Puppy In The Act

Below are some tips to help you correct any house training accidents. Also included is a guide on what you should do when you catch your pooch in the act.

puppy house training

1. Do not scream if you find an accident or catch your dog in the act. To discipline the puppy, don’t call him to you; go to him without saying anything. If he is already eliminating, you can scold him gently as you approach.

2. Quickly grab the puppy’s collar and place him before his accident. Maintain tension on his collar to keep him in a sitting position. Don’t start administering discipline until you him seated. Disciplining a puppy that is struggling to get away is pointless. If the dog has a training collar on, put your index finger in a ring and pull him up to sit. If he isn’t wearing a training collar, push your pet’s bottom down and pull the collar’s ring up at the same time.

3. Tip the puppy’s head up to yours so that he can see that you aren’t pleased. Hold eye contact with him for two seconds and then point his head to his mess. Don’t put his nose in it; just make him look at it. Take a finger and trace a line from the accident to his eyes to help him make the connection.

4. Scold the puppy quietly without screaming, shouting or any wild gestures. Scold him for two to three seconds. Then take him to the spot where you want him to relieve himself. This has to be done immediately. If you want him to go in the backyard, stoop down and take him by his collar and lead him there. Don’t pick him up and carry him to the spot. Doing that will make him think he is only supposed to use that area when you carry him there.

If you have to take your dog down the street after he has an accident, remind him that you aren’t pleased on your way just as you did when he had the accident. Tug the leash smartly going diagonally and back up to you. Say a low growling statement like,” You better not do it again,” as you walk down stairs or through a lobby. Otherwise the puppy may get happy before he gets to the spot and forget what the reason for the correction.

5. Let the puppy stay out for two to three minutes. If he starts playing soon after he has been disciplined, he is less likely to make the connection. While the dog is in his elimination spot, you have to clean up the mess.

6. Isolate your dog for thirty minutes at the least. Put him in a crate or behind a gate, or be passive for that half hour. Go about your daily routine and ignore your pet. This will give him time to get himself together. There’s a normal effect of submission after being effectively disciplined, and you want to take advantage of that, not spoil it. The puppy has to have time to adjust so give it to him. However if the dog is jumping on you or barking rowdily after he has been scolded, your correction may not have gotten through to him or it wasn’t firm enough.

7. After that half hour, do something with him but try not to be too nice. Make up with him after you discipline him, but you still want him to know that he has done something wrong. It is essential that you dog know not to let it happen again.


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