Fox Terrier Clicker Training, Clicker Training Tips

Every dog has its quirks –a few things they do that other breeds do not that would probably have training a great deal simpler or infinitely more complicated. When it comes to training Fox terriers, the biggest issue is that they are so energetic.

Initially these dogs were bred for the purpose of hunting and later on the agility of these dogs became evident along with their need to express some of that boundless energy in other ways than hunting. This makes them extra difficult to teach and train if you don’t have the necessary implements to aid you.

clicker training fox terriers

Using clickers when used properly can truly offer great results. You may start using this tool as early as 10 weeks into your Fox terrier’s life. Note however, that puppies tend to have shorter attention spans than grown dogs.

Using The Clickers

A clicker is a small plastic or metal device with a button on it. When you press that button, it creates a sharp clicking sound.  Unlike the silent whistle, the clicker is heard by both human and dog ears.

When you use a clicker, you relay a single sharp piece of feedback to a dog – something so simple they can clearly understand it. Typically, after the start of your training sessions, Fox terriers will begin to associate that the clicker means “perform this act for praise”.

As soon as your dog or puppy understands that the sound of the clicker means some type of positive reinforcement is coming, they begin to work hard to identify the command you’re giving and respond to it.

The premise of the clicker is quite basic. A dog is easily conditioned and adaptable with regards to certain stimuli. Their desire to be gratified must be sustained. If they perform a particular action that would generate such results, they would then do their best to do so.

Training Fox terriers with Your Clicker

To start, you need to train your Fox terrier to recognize the sound of the clicker as a sign of positive feedback. This is classical conditioning – when you combine two seemingly unrelated things to solicit an action.

The first conditioning premise that has to be made is that the sound of a clicker equals to treats. Every Fox terrier has as unique personality and this could affect the length of time needed to accustom them to this arrangement.

When your Fox terrier is then able to equate the clicker with tasty tidbits, it would then respond positively whenever it senses the sounds that it makes. The next step would be to convince the dog that there must be an action that it must perform prior to receiving those treats. Assist them and physically exhibit what you want your dog to perform.

Training Fox terriers gets far easier at this point. Whenever the Fox terrier performs the action you’re targeting, you will click your clicker and then reinforce their behavior with a treat or reward.

The moment that the dog becomes familiar with the tasks that they are supposed to do, you may then give constant variations performed in different scenarios, to make them aware that the command applies in any and quite possibly all circumstances.

Verbal feedback on your behalf through simple words like “sit” or “speak” greatly helps the process of training. Complement the verbal commands with the clicker and you’ll soon have a dog that is responsive even with a clicker.”

Remember to only do one command at a time. Training Fox terriers with more than one command at a time can be confusing. Don’t worry – they will remember. You’ve just planted a seed deep in their brain and it’s unlikely to dislodge anytime soon.


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