Enhance Your Dog’s Intelligence With A Training Routine

TIP! Think about what triggers your dog’s barking. Being aware of what triggers your dog’s barking can help you correct the situation.

Because they bring a lot of pleasure and love into our lives, we all enjoy owning a dog. You may have your hands full when first getting a dog. You need to invest a lot of time into training the puppy. You will soon have a well-trained dog if you use the above advice.

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dog training routine

TIP! The best time to start training a dog is when it’s a puppy. It’s not absolutely necessary, but young dogs do better with training.

Make sure you avoid all the accidents you can whenever you’re toilet-training your dog. Learn to recognize what your dog does when he needs to go out. Common ones include whining, pacing and even consistent staring. Don’t delay; bring them outside. Quickly leash your pet and lead him to an area where he can relieve himself. Praise them for going to the bathroom properly. Eventually, he will learn to ask to go out.

TIP! Reinforce your dog’s positive behaviors. Do not reinforce any negative behavior through punishment or reward.

Consistency is key when training a dog. If there are several family members involved in training a dog, ensure each person uses the same techniques and commands. It will be easier for the dog if he or she learns only one particular command set and becomes accustomed to the response the behavior receives.

TIP! A training program that pushes the limits of a dog’s attention and endurance is not likely to produce good results. Puppies can’t pay attention for too long and are not very good at focusing on something for long periods of time, so limit the duration of training sessions.

You can use a can that you shake at your dog to train them. Insert some coins into an empty can, and then make sure it’s sealed. Shake the can whenever you catch the dog doing something wrong. The dog will be startled and will stop doing whatever it is he’s doing. If you do this every time the dog exhibits a negative behavior, he will soon learn that these behaviors are not acceptable. Only shake the can once, if you do it multiple times your dog will desensitize.

TIP! Do not try to train a good dog with a leash that is too tight. A tight leash makes your dog want to always pull.

Teach your dog a way to notify you when he needs to use the bathroom by using a bell ringing technique. Hit the bell with your hand, and then take the dog outside to pee. This is a simple technique and in the future the dogs will ring the bell themselves when they are prepared to go outside.

TIP! Don’t be afraid to instruct guests to your home on the proper guest etiquette with your dog. Keeping calm, and introducing themselves to your dog, may help reduce any negative behaviors that another approach would cause.

It is important when training your dog that he always feels safe and secure. When a dog is insecure about their safety, they could lash out with bad behavior. This can be avoided if you make sure to train in a place where your dog will feel safe.

TIP! Use consistency when you are crate training your young puppy. Give the puppy consistent opportunities to relieve himself every time you let him out.

Use these tips now that you know them. Exercise patience with the dog and be certain to praise proper behavior. Some of the advice may be a challenge, but it will be worth it.


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