Electric Fences For Dogs 

Are you worried that your pet might run away and get lost, or get knocked over and killed by oncoming traffic? Are you worried that the fence you spent hundreds on making your garden look like a prison may not actually keep your dog safe and secure?

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Believe it or not, electric fences for dogs actually provide greater protection against all the above as well as make your garden look like a friendly and warm place to the public. Electric fences for dogs actually do a better job at keeping your pet locked in so to speak than traditional fences as your pet is unable to jump the fence or dig under it.

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Recently my own pet was run over and killed by traffic outside my house and since then i have spent much time researching and writing about electric fences for dogs. The good news for you is that i take this topic very seriously and you will end up with a pet for many years to come if you purchase an underground dog fence or a wireless pet fence.

When purchasing electric fences for dogs it is vital you know what you are looking for because there are many types of pet containment systems available on the internet today.

Within this article i will go into some detail as to what to look out for when purchasing your pet containment system.

First of all you need to decide whether you want an underground dog fence or a wireless pet fence as the two are very, very different from each other.

Wireless Electric Fences For Dogs

Wireless Fence Pet

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A wireless pet fence is a containment system that sends out a circular signal from where you have placed the transmitter in your house. There are many types to choose from offering many features. The system works by sending out a signal to be picked up by your dogs collar and if your dog approaches the boundary of the circular signal, your pet will get a slight harmless shock.

Why choose a Wireless Pet Fence? The pet containment system can be set up within a two hours, and start transmitting a signal.If you are renting a house or plan to move anywhere you can simply plug out the wireless pet fence and take it with you.

A disadvantage to the wireless pet fence would be that the signal is circular meaning your pet will only have a circular area to play on outside and this signal may overlap into your naibours house. Depending on how much land you have.

What is an Underground Dog fence?

An underground dog fence is a pet containment system that keeps your dog safe, this involves you to dig a trench around the perimeter of your garden to lay the wire. An underground dog fence simply works when your dog approaches the underground wire.

An underground dog fence would allow your dog to have the freedom of your entire garden (depending on how big it is of course and how much wire you intend to lay).

the downside to an underground dog fence is that you need to dig a trench to lay the wire which takes time of course. However the signal from the underground dog fence seems to be stronger than the wireless pet fence.

They both will keep your pet safe and behind the line. The wireless pet fence provides your pet with a circular area of freedom while the underground dog fence can be circular as well as triangle or whatever area you wish to contain your pet in.

The PetSafe Wireless fencing is an excellent choice for dog lovers who are looking to keep their dogs in a specific area.

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5.0 out of 5 stars As close to perfect as a wireless system can be!
Since we are in the process of selling our home we decided to give this wireless system a try. FIRST, I would suggest you take your dog’s temperament into consideration.

Although I wouldn’t consider our adopted 90 lb. male Weimaraner a wus, he isn’t the Alpha dog either. The training aids were good and he quickly learned how far he could go on static shock level 4.

CONS: One little item that I discovered is that if you have on older (pre  1960′s) home . . . the unit’s signals may be blocked by metal lath  in the walls as well as lead based paint.



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