DIY Dog House Plans, Simple and Easy to Follow

If you’ve at any time watched “Underdog To Wonderdog” on Animal Planet then you understand how embellished dog dwellings CAN be. Having said that everyone knows that you don’t in reality need anything at all like that for your pet … but just a little room for some kind of customization and character is always desired.

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dog house plans

In the end, no two dogs are the same, no two owners are the same. Subsequently the needs of both the dogs and their owners will be varied and many commercially offered doghouses do not always fit the bill perfectly. Plus they can be very costly, in particular for large canines.

That’s why working with simple dog house plans to build your own doghouse is an alternative that you might go with. All the same even that can sometimes get a little complicated or confusing. So here are a number of suggestions on how you can build a doghouse that is ideal for both you and your canine family member.

First and foremost, start with a suitable set of dog house plans. You’ll have decisions to make here … one dog, two dogs, single house, duplex layout, etc. … so make certain what you want is an option in the plans you get.

You furthermore want to make sure that there is allowance for some modifications during the actual building step. As well as the aesthetic options, make sure you are able to control how much insulation is built into the house. The people living in the north will need even more than those in the south and making use of insulated dog house plans will make it possible for you to adapt the insulation based on your environment and needs.

dog house plans diy

Once the frame of the house is established, then there are alternative ways you can decorate or modify your dog’s new home. If you are comfortable with woodworking tools then you could embellish the roof overhang by making a scalloped edge. Or build a little porch for your pooch for an even cuter dog house plan.

Even if you don’t do anything else, give it a particularly special paint job … not just a dull paint job but one that symbolizes you really care. You do not have to just have a boring wooden box home for your four-legged friend … unless you really have the need to do so. Just make a Wonder Dog home on a smaller more economical scale.

And if you have kids or a spouse that are willing and interested in helping, then make it a family undertaking and get everyone involved and having a great time. Or maybe there is a neighborhood child who is likely to enjoy learning how to build a doghouse.

Your furry friend will likely be wondering what all the fuss is about during the construction stage. But once he realizes that he will be the main beneficiary of your weird activities, he will gladly forgive the intrusion into his normally tranquil days and you can enjoy years of adoration from your canine friend.


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