Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety

One of the more common issues that a typical American Pit Bull Dog owner is bound to have is Pit Bull Dog separation anxiety.  Minor anxiety is annoying and often causes a Dog to bark whenever you go out.  However, if mild anxiety issues are not dealt with properly, a American Pit Bull Dog may demonstrate a variety of behaviors, including destruction of your belongings and home, intentionally going potty in inappropriate place, or even barking for hours whenever you leave the home.

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dog separation anxiety

Causes of American Pit Bull Dog Separation Anxiety

American Pit Bull Dogs are actually pack animals. They experience a strong attachment to their owners so any time you leave your home, it is distressing for them.  Even taking into account their natural pack instinct, the truth is that the majority of the anxiety your Dog experiences is a result of specific things you are doing.   Whenever you give them attention directly before you leave your home, and as soon as you return to the home, you pooch is learning that your leaving is a big deal and something to be nervous and excited about.  This is actually great news because it means that your Dog’s separation anxiety can likely be controlled by simply changing your own behavior a bit.

Tips for Minimizing American Pit Bull Dog Separation Anxiety

Change Your Routine – Simply by varying your morning routine a bit, you can help reduce your pup’s anxiety.  If they start yelping and acting nervous as soon as your alarm goes off, they have likely connected that sound to your emanate leaving.  If your alarm clock has different alarm sounds available, try changing it up every week or so.  Also, pay attention to your own morning rituals.  Do you grab your keys and run out the door?  Try putting your keys in your pocket ahead of time and, to the best of your ability, change the time or manner in which you leave.

Stop Reinforcing their Anxiety – If you have been lavishing your pooch with affection and attention before you leave and as soon as you walk in the door, you need to stop.  When you come home, ignore your American Pit Bull Dog for 10-15 minutes.  Once they have calmed down, THEN give them attention.  They will begin to associate your attention with their calm state rather than your comings and goings from the home.

Longer Intervals of Time – Try leaving your home for shorter amounts of time. Go outside a couple of minutes and then come right back. Dog separation anxiety can generally be reduced simply by changing your Pit Bull Dog’s expectations of how long you will be gone as well as when you will return. Once they realized that you are returning every time, you can then extend the length of time you leave.

Don’t Worry!

Some people worry that these tips for reducing separation anxiety are mean towards the American Pit Bull Dog. But the truth is, you are actually helping your pet to relax and reduce their anxiety and nervousness.  Those are positive changes for the Pit Bull Dog and it is good for both their physical and mental health as well.

It’s important to deal with anxiety issues right away, even if they only demonstrate mild behavioral issues.  Teaching your pooch that your comings and goings are not you abandoning them or going to cause any harm to your “pack,” (family), helps reduce their stress and improve both of your lives.


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