Clicker Training Weimaraners, Is it the Best Way to Train

Each dog has its own unique personality. These are the negligible oddities or habits that every particular breed has. These unique traits can either help you in the training regimen or make your job twice as hard to do. One of the unique traits of Weimaraners is their level of energy. Among all the dog breeds, it is one of the most lively and active dogs.

Clicker training is a great way to train your dog tricks and even to help him or her become a well behaved pet. It is even possible to use the clicker to  stop your Weimaraner from frustrating problems like digging, excessive barking, jumping etc…  If you would like to get professional tips on clicker training, take a look at these clicker training secrets. Click here for more details.

weimaraner clicker training

First conceived of as dogs intended for hunting and then utilized for more agile and extraneous exercises, Weimaraners are the hard workers and the great bounders. This makes them extra difficult to teach and train if you don’t have the necessary implements to aid you.

Using clickers gives you an advantage since they are quite competent when trained with it. You may start using this tool as early as 10 weeks into your Weimaraner’s life. Note however, that puppies tend to have shorter attention spans than grown dogs.

Using Clickers

The device called a clicker can be made of either plastic or metal materials. It has a button that makes a distinctive clicking sound when pressed. The sound that it makes is both audible to the dog and the human. The natural ability of dogs to hear such sounds will be useful in the training process.

Using a clicker through the sound that it makes, relays a simple message to a dog. Like Morse code, the variations and the frequency of the clicks may have different meanings or commands. They’ll then relate those commands and sounds to an object of gratification such as praise or rewards.

The premise of the clicker is quite basic. A dog is easily conditioned and adaptable with regards to certain stimuli. Their desire to be gratified must be sustained. If they perform a particular action that would generate such results, they would then do their best to do so.

Clicker Training with a Weimaraner

The initial step to take would be to inform the dog that the sound that a clicker makes is somehow related to what it does and what it will do. The process called classical conditioning is a causal connection between two actions. Action begets reaction.

The first conditioning premise that has to be made is that the sound of a clicker equals to treats. Every Weimaraner has a unique personality and this could affect the length of time needed to accustom them to this arrangement.

When your Weimaraner is then able to equate the clicker with gastronomical delights, it would then respond positively whenever it senses the sounds that it makes. The next step would be to convince the dog that there must be an action that it must perform prior to receiving those treats. Assist them and physically exhibit what you want your dog to perform.

At this juncture, teaching becomes easier. Once you have managed to make your dog do the required task, you must constantly click the clicker to make them aware of your pleasure. Highlight this behavior through repetition and the constant treats that accompany them.

The moment that the dog becomes familiar with the tasks that they are supposed to do, you may then give constant variations performed in different scenarios to make them aware that the command applies in any and quite possibly all circumstances.

Verbal feedback on your behalf through simple words like “sit” or “speak” greatly helps the process of training. Complement the verbal commands with the clicker and you’ll soon have a dog that is responsive even without one.

One thing to remember with dogs is that they cannot process information in the same way that humans do. Issue only one command during each training session to prevent them from getting confused. In this way, recall is much easier and performance becomes more satisfying. Once you have embedded this behavior, it would be there for the rest of their lives.

Remember, the best clicker training tips and special techniques are best learned from the pros. Click here for more details on professional clicker training tips for your Weimaraner dog or puppy.

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