5 Tips How to Stop a Dog from Chewing

One common problem faced by almost all dog lovers is their unnecessary craving for food and their chewing habits. Though the former problem can be solved by providing the dog with healthy meals at regular intervals, the latter problem seems to be even more troublesome since the canine refuses to stop at anything.

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Right from the furniture to clothes, your entire room seems to be in a mess and all you can do is nothing! Well at least until now. Here are five tricks that can put a halt on your dog’s craving habit to always chew and provide you relief:

Take Proper care of Diet

Improper diet is one of the foremost reasons for dogs to crave for food all the time. If the dogs are not given proper diet and lots of nutritious foods are included in their diet, their health condition will start deteriorating and can even lead to intestinal problems that ultimately lead to the craving for chewing.

The lack of proper diet may even lead to gastrointestinal problems or other medical implications. It is, therefore, very necessary for all caretakers that their dogs are taken to a veterinary expert as well as a nutritionist at regular intervals.

The experts will properly examine the medical conditions of your canine and suggest healthy food that will not only control the growing appetite, but also put an end to their chewing habits and help them grow stronger.

Be your dog’s best friendOften, a dog may chew out of boredom or just because he is feeling lonely and it becomes your responsibility to make him feel cared and loved. Animals, especially dogs have emotional feelings equal, if not more, to those of human beings and hence they need constant pampering and adulation from their owners.

If they do not get it, they start staying aloof that might lead to unnecessary chewing habits. You must try to spend as much time as possible. If possible play games with your dogs and let them participate in your family gatherings so that he can feel a part of your family.

In short, you need to be your dog’s best friend just as you are for him and will have to regularly communicate with him.


It is very important for your dog to exercise at regular intervals or every day. Exercising not only stretches the muscles of your pet, but also helps them to digest their food in a better way. You can ask the veterinary expert for some exercise charts that can be followed daily or can take the help of dog training centers.

You can either send your dogs to train in these centers and exercise or can yourself spare some time to be with your pet and play interactive games that will serve the purpose. You can even take your dog out along with your children to a park and play games or just run with him.

Proper exercising ensures that your dog will be able to digest his food properly and his craving for chewing food will decrease significantly.

Teach your dog to chew properly

Once you feel that your dog is unnecessarily chewing things up and you are not able to understand the actual problem behind it, it is better that you provide him with toys that are chewable. You can get varieties of dog chewable products in the market that will serve your purpose.

Teach your dog how to chew properly by giving him training and ensuring that you follow the practice every day so that he can eventually make chewing food properly, a habit. If your dog has developed excessive urge to chew things constantly, you can apply taste deterrents on the vulnerable objects and allow him to chew them so that he soon becomes disinterested with the taste and stops chewing.

Obedience training sessions with your dog will ensure that he learns he basic food eating manners. Proving your dog with dental chewing toys, green vegetables that have a hard stem like carrots and bones will also ensure that he can chew those frequently and stop damaging anything else. This is a nice way to stop your pet from chewing.

Be patient

Whatever you do, make sure that you remain patient with your dog. Do not be too anxious at times and start shouting at it unnecessarily. You must also make sure that your love towards the pet should not decrease because of his chewing habits.

You can instead say a strict no as soon as he starts chewing anything so that he understands his mistake. Do not reprimand him for small petty things or else he would never understand his actual mistake. This apart, you must ensure that you must safeguard all your valuable things by stocking them up at a place out of reach for the dog.

Keep all the electrical wires out of reach to ensure that the canine does not chew it. The chewing habit can only be controlled once you understand the problem of your pet and then work towards it.

The reasons for your canine to chew can lie from anything like getting bored, feeling lonely or excessive anxiety that might occur when you remain outdoors more often. Other reasons may be related to medical problems, teething, and any specific phobia.

Whatever be it, it is really very important to understand the actual cause of this habit of your dog and work towards that. Another very prominent cause of this chewing habit may be because of his teething. Normally the teeth of dogs start appearing from the third week of their birth and is a very painful process for the puppies.

This is one such time when they excessively feel the urge of chewing something constantly. You must ensure that if during this period, you stock all your valuable things in your closet so that they do not get damaged.

Proper DOG TRAINING and teaching obedience to your pet will ensure that this phase passes out swiftly without giving you a headache.


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